Win $300 in Masonite's First Blog Competition

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Written By: Joe Mancuso


This is Masonite's first blog post contest. Hopefully with many more to come. This has always been something I've wanted to do and thanks to some recent sponsor of Masonite, we are able to host some fun things like this! So thank you to MongoTel for making this possible!

For the first blog contest, the winner will get $300 cash via PayPal.


To enter the contest simply:

  • Write a new blog post between December 1st and December 15th
  • Submit a link to the article as an issue on the Masonite Contest GitHub Repo.

The issue with the most "thumbs up" emoji's will win. Make sure you read the rules section.

Winner will get $300 cash via PayPal. Winner will be selected on December 21st to give time for votes and time to check if any rules have been broken.

If the winner cannot accept the prize, the person next in line will be chosen.


Anybody can vote on any issue by simply adding a "thumbs up" emoji on the GitHub issue. The issue with the most "thumbs up" will win.


  • Must be your own content
  • Must be about Masonite
  • Must be written between December 1st and December 15th
  • Issue must be submitted on or before December 16th.
  • Cannot actively lobby for votes.
  • Votes must be from legit GitHub users (no alternative or fake accounts)
  • Can be on any site you want (, medium, personal site, etc).
  • Must be able to accept money via PayPal

Good luck and may the best post win!